02:29 PM | Sat Dec 16, 2017

With the introduction of Twenty 20 cricket in 2007, Test cricket as we know it has been on borrowed time.

In February 2017 the ICC’s Chief executive convened to discuss the possibility of forming leagues for both Test and ODI cricket. The proposals agreed by the International Cricket Councils chief executives committee will pave the way for a test league to be run over each two year period, and a 13 team ODI format to be introduced by 2019.

ICC spokesmen have ensured that the status of such historic rivalries will remain protected and undiminished.

The ICC CEO Dave Richardson himself has stated “Doing nothing is not an option any more”

Test cricket has endured 140 years of competition without significant changes to the format of the competition.

Tell us what you think. Should test cricket change with the times or should tradition live on?


Does Test Cricket need to evolve?

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