02:23 PM | Sat Dec 16, 2017

Australia currently looks to Queen Elizabeth as our head of state. While the Queen has little real power over the day to day lives of Australians, there has been renewed calls to make the change to a Republic.

The Australian Republican Movement (ARM) are the biggest advocates for Australia to become an independent republic. They have many notable members such as the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Fitzsimons and Neville Wran.

The Australia republican movement is currently calling for a national vote on this issue by 2020.

To read more about the ARM, visit their website here:


There are groups who wish to see a Constitutional Monarchy upheld in Australia, arguing that our history has, for better or worse, been shaped by England and the Royal Family.

Groups in favour of remaining under the Crown include Australians for Constitutional Monarchy and the Australian Monarchist League. You can read more about them here:



Many things would change if Australia was to become a Republic. One thing that would have to be decided would be a new flag. So far, a popular candidate for the new flag is the one pictured above. Let us know in the comments what you think.

Do you think Australia should become a Republic?

Should Australia Become A Republic?

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