02:31 PM | Sat Dec 16, 2017

There has been a lot of discussion around teams being disadvantaged by injuries to players, mainly concussions, that have been caused as a result of unacceptable contact by opposition players.

The Tomas Bugg hit on Callum Mills is a great example of a team being disadvantaged for an entire game as a result of an illegal high contact hit, yet Melbourne were able to play the entire game with one extra player than Sydney.

Do you think there should be a rule in place to protect the team that loses that player? Or is it OK for the offending player to see out the game?

The AFL has the match review panel and the tribunal to decide on how many games a player is to miss, if at all, but is that enough?

It becomes a bit more interesting when finals are involved, as many AFL players decide to hang up the boots after a finals campaign and have no fear of retribution from the tribunal if they decide to retire. A similar incident happened in the 2004 Grand Final between Brisbane and Port Adelaide when Alastair Lynch was playing his last game and decided to go to punching stations with Darryl Wakelin.

If one team is left with one less rotation on the bench for an entire game as a result of an obvious intent to hurt should not the offending player sit out the game to even the ledger?

Or should we leave it the way it has always been as these types of instances are few and far between?

Let us know what you think!

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