06:53 AM | Sat Oct 21, 2017

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Do you ever hear the line:

“More than half of Australians believe that…..”

Do you ever wonder how people determine how “Ordinary Australians” feel?

Traditional polling includes those phone calls from strangers right on dinner time asking questions that have been carefully crafted to influence the answer. Those people at the shops who stand in the middle of the walkway and ask you for a moment of you time.

We believe that these polling methods are no longer relevant.

You only need to look at the predictions of the past few years based on traditional polling versus what actually happened.

We seen polls in Australia overwhelmingly tip Hillary Clinton to be the 45th US president, for the UK to remain within the European Union and for Italy to vote “Yes” in its latest referendum regarding constitutional reform.

For all of their efforts, the pollsters got it very wrong. There was however, one group of pollsters that got it right. The online polls.

There is a stigma that surrounds online polls due to the fact that it is based on a public vote and not on a targeted audience.

We question this…

Who is creating and asking these questions? How are they asking them? Why should we trust them? Who has paid to ask these questions?

We believe that a more accurate way of gauging popular sentiment is to propose a question based on fact. Take away the framing of a question and you will leave a voter with his or her own ideas to deliver an answer.

There is another important reason we believe that online polling is more accurate; the average person is more likely to give an honest answer if they are not talking to a real person on the end of the line.

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